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since January 2003

Momentum Bay is an EPA ENERGY STAR Small Business Partner committed to saving money & reducing greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. EPA & U.S. DOE. The ENERGY STAR label also designates superior energy performance in homes & buildings.



?  So, where does a business or an individual start to "go green"?

?  How can someone "go green" profitably & easily?

?  In today's fast-paced & regulated world, how can a business or individual hope to keep up with clean tech innovation, sorting through green facts & fiction in every area of business & living?

?  Is there a sustainable training course, environmental boot camp class, or green continuing education workshop to help leaders get up-to-date rapidly & even get ahead of others?

  • ... moving from research, strategy & planning to application, implementation & practice?
  • ... in corporate sustainability, green building, renewable energy, & genuine green lifestyles?

  • Yes.


    Momentum Bay’s ECO [BOOT CAMP]® & GREEN [BOOT CAMP]SM courses are fun, intensive & customized live overviews of today’s most important sustainability topics, providing relevant context for endless content.

    Our sustainability instructors - including Momentum Bay's founding partner Mark Alan Robinson, MBA, LEED® AP, CEM® - coach boot camp participants & graduates to:

    Sprint, Crawl, Talk, Walk, Jog, Run & Inspire.

    Don't worry: you won't hear "DROP & GIVE US 20 PUSHUPS" at our environmental boot camps. After just 30 minutes to 2 days, you'll come away equipped with a broad & deep understanding of the ways you can go green at work & at home, profitably & practically.

    Green enthusiasts, innovators & early adopters find that these sustainable boot camp courses serve as an efficient & informative refresher as well.


    ECO [BOOT CAMP] should top your sustainability continuing education list in 2012 as the most relevant & most fun.

    ECO [BOOT CAMP] is a business-oriented environmental course ranging from 30 minutes to two days, tailored to the needs of any team -- from the CFO's entire finance staff, to national sales teams, to design, construction & real estate professionals along with their clients who lead other businesses, schools & faith-based organizations.

    Private, customized & extended versions of Momentum Bay's ECO [BOOT CAMP] course are available for any organization pursuing corporate sustainability, green building, renewable energy or other clean tech initiatives.

    NOTE: Real estate professionals in Texas can earn up to four credits of approved Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) credit with the Texas Real Estate Commission by attending the 4-hour introductory ECO [BOOT CAMP] course.

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    GREEN [BOOT CAMP] is a 4 to 16-hour environmental boot camp course that helps individuals & households go green & become healthier physically & economically at home.

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