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Momentum Bay is an EPA ENERGY STAR Small Business Partner committed to saving money & reducing greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. EPA & U.S. DOE. The ENERGY STAR label also designates superior energy performance in homes & buildings.

Momentum Bay’s ECO [BOOT CAMP] course helps new & veteran real estate professionals get up to speed & stay ahead of the hottest color trend in real estate: GREEN.

Why are so many for-profit & nonprofit organizations of all sizes across industries thriving & surpassing others by going green?

Could green business & green building be THE hopeful reality that quiets the nation’s fears about a subprime mortgage & banking crisis, a housing crisis, construction cutbacks, rising inflation & possible recession?

Since Texas boasts the world’s first green Wal-Mart®, the nation’s first green car dealership, the world’s first residential green building rating system, & more wind power production than any state, it’s easy to understand how the market for healthy, high performance green buildings is growing exponentially in Texas just as it is nationally—up over 750% in 2007 to over 4 billion SF of LEED registered projects & up over 90% in 2007 to over one billion SF (6,200 buildings) that have earned the ENERGY STAR® label.

For example, Texas’ commercial green building market is projected to grow 15 times over the next 1-2 years—from about 40 LEED® Certified commercial projects in 2007 to more than 900 registered & in the pipeline as of 2008. And, prior to the housing crisis, the market for healthy, efficient green homes – both new & renovations – was expected to surpass commercial by 2009. Now, all market participants are focused on upgrading & maintaining better the existing building stock, which accounts for more than 98% of buildings in any given year.

Now that green building is here to stay in commercial & residential real estate, what do real estate professionals need to know?

Since few completed projects exist (only about 2,000 to 6,000 worldwide, but over 19,000 are in process), few design, construction & real estate professionals have an understanding or hands-on experience with green buildings.

This fun, intensive & customized course will equip attendees with more than basic concepts. It will dispel myths, allay fears, & adjust stereotypes with practical, current & relevant information by providing students with a broad & deep understanding of the business case for green business & green building, & much more (see below for the course overview).

NOTE: Texas real estate professionals can earn 4 credits of approved MCE (Mandatory Continuing Education) through the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). Momentum Bay, one of TREC’s approved real estate schools (provider #0515), is pursuing similar continuing education credit for ECO [BOOT CAMP] courses in other states as well.

Momentum Bay’s ECO [BOOT CAMP] for Real Estate Professionals course is led by Mark Alan Robinson, MBA, LEED&reg AP, GA-C;, an approved instructor through the Texas Real Estate Commission & one of the nation’s leading sustainability & strategy consultants who enjoys sharing his personal passion for & understanding about sustainable business, sustainable real estate & authentic sustainable living.

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Thank you for striving for a healthy, sustainable Texas.



  • Key concepts & motivations
  • The business case & scientific case for corporate sustainability & sustainable real estate
  • Overview & comparison of the 70+ green building programs & certifications nationwide vis-a-vis those available in Texas
  • Texas, national & international green building & real estate market analysis (trends, supply/demand)
  • Rapidly evolving definitions & expectations: Moving beyond outdated codes & ENERGY STAR® to 3rd party certified green buildings and zero-energy/zero-waste/chemical-free “living buildings” to restorative / regenerative design
  • Regulatory & legislative trends
  • Case studies / green stories of leading Texas projects, manufacturers & professional firms


  • How much more does it cost to build & operate a green building or home? Can it cost less?
  • Efficiency vs. Effectiveness: Quantitative vs. Qualitative benefits
  • First cost vs. Life cycle cost
  • Short-term profit at all cost vs. Triple bottom line
  • Green building valuation & appraisal
  • Green lenders, mortgages, construction loans, & permanent loans
  • Green building insurance
  • Green REIT’s & funds


  • Frequently asked questions by developers, lenders, contractors, buyers, owners, & tenants
  • Customer segmentation & motivations
  • Target marketing
  • Customer messaging—what matters most?
  • How to help customers learn


  • Green commercial real estate brokers
  • Green residential real estate agents



and much more

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